Women Behind the Camera:The Gender Gap in TV Series

The gender ratio of women and men Film School graduates is quite balanced. However women end up being significantly underrepresented in the industry. For example, no women has ever won an Academy Award for Cinematography. And  Kathryn Bigelow has been the only female director to win an Oscar. Not a surprise, given that there have ever been only 4 female nominees for Best Director... against 425 male ones!

BuzzFeed News recently looked at the 23 most popular 2015 TV series, both on Cable and Broadcast. And guess what? Also here women are a minority. Overall, only 12% of the 1816 episodes have ever been directed by a woman. This Silk visualizes Buzzfeed News' data in interactive insights. 

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Modern Family has the highest ratio of episodes directed by women (24%). Sadly, this is only about 1 every 4 episodes.

Still, much better than American Horror Story and the Last Ship. Both the series have only male-directed episodes. And the record-breaking Game of Thrones? Only 4 of its 50 episodes had a lady behind the main camera. That's Michelle MacLaren, back in season 3 and 4. After that, season 5 will again feature exclusively male directors.

TV Series Compared: Percentage of Episodes Directed by Women and Number of Different Women Directors

Data compiled by BuzzFeed News

Criminal Minds and Castle feature the highest variety of female directors. Here, ladies were behind the camera respectively for only 14% and 11% of the total episodes. But both shows saw at least 10 different ones.

TV Series Compared: Percentage of Episodes Directed by Women and Number of Different Women Directors

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